From the Mind of Fizzl


At the time of this writing, this blog is meant as my first foray into the world of WoW blogging (AKA the world of World of Warcraft… blogging!)  I don’t know where I ultimately want to take this thing, and I don’t even know how long I’ll keep at it, but with any luck in the next few years this blog will become famous for it’s suave-acious wit and whimsical exploration of all things WoW.  Hey, aim high, right?

As for me personally, I started WoW about 5 months after release, played a warlock through most of Vanilla, then switched to full-time shadow priesting during BC and never looked back.  I am always open to questions, and would love to have comments on the blog, whether it be the blog as a whole, or specific posts themselves!!



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