Welcome to my blog of all things WoW! Or, maybe not all things WoW, but certainly of some things WoW! And maybe some only-kind-of-related-to-WoW things.

The point is, this is a WoW blog and right now I’m entirely unsure of what direction it will take. And I like that! Hopefully over time it will become refined and fall into a rhythm but before that happens, feel free to tag along for the ride and help me through the process!

No seriously, I would love it if this becomes more than just me thinking out loud to myself. Please feel free to comment (good or bad) on, well, anything! Individual posts, the look of the blog, whatever! I’m all ears (and fingers too, I guess, since it’s a blog…)

Anyways! That’s my not-quite-first first post on here! I appreciate the company and hope this will turn into something great! 🙂